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First Workshop!!!!!

Hello all!

I am very excited and petrified to announce that I will be doing my first ever workshop this fall. Talking to a large group of people is not new but coaching a large group of people through a workshop is. I reached out to the amazing folks at Mark Fisher Fitness and pitched them a few ideas for their Best Life Sunday series. I literally had nothing but titles and tag lines and the picked one. “Time Spank; How to make your schedule your bitch!” If you aren’t familiar with this great organization, It it much more than just a fitness center. It takes a fun and whole soul approach to it’s clients. MFF builds confidence not just bodies.

Well that was a few months ago and now we are down to it being a month away.  My content is pretty much compiled and now I am starting to get images and flow together. There will be more posts on how I busted through this process and all of it’s challenges soon. I am still unsure whether this will be a utter victory or just a great learning experience but I’d love for you to come to the Clubhouse and find out! October 18th; 6:30pm-8pm At tMark Fisher Fitness 411 West 39th St. NYC